Capture the enemy flag

When I was a kid, I loved to play Return Fire with my brothers. This is a capture the enemy flag, where you can control four different vehicles, and every vehicle has its strong sides and downsides. For example, the jeep is very fast but also very fragile. Together with my brother Artem, we have developed a 3D prototype of the game. At that point, I believed that the gameplay might benefit from the 3D landscape and a good multiplayer. However, I underestimated the amount of work needed to develop such a game and especially how hard it is to create artistic content such as models, textures, and special effects. Nevertheless, we achieved some nice results that you can see in the videos.

Manneken Pis

At LingPlay, apart from the main work, we had some time for little fun projects. It is well-known that pigeons are not good for city monuments, and they have to be cleaned quite regularly to remove bird droppings. In two days, Andrei Gogiya and I have developed a fun game prototype, where the Manneken Pis had to defend himself from evil pigeons. This prototype was later used to develop the Shower Defense game.

Vehicle simulation

Unity was the first game engine I learned how to use. However, I was always curious to learn different engines, and I ended up using the Shiva3D game engine to develop a realistic vehicle simulation.